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Welcome to borpio® by Trisensory Software LLC

Fun and Effective Web Games for Orton-Gillingham and the Barton Reading & Spelling System®


Our quality web games provide fun and effective ways for Tutors and their Students to practice important tools and concepts for reading and spelling.


Games will be added regularly to keep your gaming library exciting and engaging.


Word Reports

 (Coming Soon!) A simple and concise built-in report based on game play to help Tutors keep track of specific words and concepts which require additional practice.


Why Trisensory Software

At Trisensory Software LLC, we are dedicated to crafting quality, entertaining, and educational interactive web games that help individuals with reading and spelling challenges. Our main goal is that our web games are fun, intuitive, interactive, and effective. Most importantly, our games excel in supporting tutors, parents, educators, and certainly their students.  As a result, students are able to enhance the skill sets necessary for reading and spelling success, while still having fun!

Our Web Games

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Is it balloons or pigs?

Is it balloons or not?

borp Sweep™

Sight Word Sweep™

Wall of Sounds™




I was able to play Four-to-Score with all of my students. This is a GREAT game! I found it to be a creative way to review spelling rules in an applied way, rather than just rote memorization of the rules.

Christine Baughman - Sheffield Lake, OH

Certified Barton Tutor

[In Four-to-Score] I love the dot and divide improvement. I believe practice synthesizing all the rules will allow students who have more limited abilities to generalize knowledge and get the practice they need… Thank you for making such hard work fun!

Bonnie Kalla Moreland, M. Ed. - Madison, WI

Advance Certified Barton Tutor

I really like the ability to break words apart in Four-to-Score! That is a GREAT added feature!!! I especially liked how they can break it incorrectly… that makes it real!

Cynthia Dapello - Upland, CA

Masters Certified Barton Tutor

My students loved the Sight Word Sweep game the most. Some of the comments were: “It was fun”, “It makes reading fun”, “I like how competitive it is”, and “It helps me get better”

Kathrine Nazar - Upland, CA

Certified Barton Tutor

The Four-to-Score game is an excellent way to review spelling rules with my students. They enjoy all of the game’s features, especially Dot and Divide. This allows them to practice dividing words in a fun and exciting way! They ask me to play this game with them over and over again!

Victoria Glenn - Pleasanton, CA

Advance Certified Barton Tutor

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The Barton Reading & Spelling System® is an Orton-Gillingham Influenced Simultaneously Multisensory Explicit and Systematic Phonics Program.

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