The drive behind®



“We need more web games that are engaging and effective.”

Remote Literacy Tutors (Too many to count)


“Do you have any more fun web games we can play?”

Remote Literacy Students (Way too many to count)


There are many educational web games available, right?


So, how is borpio® different?

The web games at borpio® are designed specifically for Remote and On-Site Literacy Tutors, Instructors, Parents and their Students.  Specializing in Dyslexia since 2012, Tutor Cindy Deagen and her team of talented Software Engineers and Graphic Engineer have created this unique platform of distinct ‘gaming style’ products, desired by today’s Students. 

“My Students have been an inspiration throughout the process,” says Cindy.  “They work hard mastering the skills for reading and spelling by sounding out.  Our purpose is to continue creating web games for all Literacy Students that are fun, engaging and effective.”  She adds, “We’ve also had several Beta Test groups.  The Testers were comprised of Tutors and their Students.  They were wonderful to work with and provided valuable, insightful feedback and have helped make our games what they are today.”

In addition, Subscribers get their very own Student Roster to keep track of Students. 

Cindy explains, “At this time, the Student Roster provides a logical way to launch a game and keep track of game coins earned by Students. Eventually, the Roster will also store Word Reports to pinpoint areas for concentrated practice. As we know, effective practice is essential for mastering skills.  I’m very grateful for our Software Development Engineers and their vision.  They are a team of brilliant individuals who find solutions.” 

Currently, game coins are used in the Icon Shop in Four-to-Score™ and Tic-Tac-Digraph (coming soon).  Students click on their icon at the start of the game to get a new icon if they have enough game coins.

The borpio® web games support the methods of Orton-Gillingham and the “Gold Standard” Barton Reading & Spelling System®, developed by Susan Barton. In fact, Barton is the inspiration behind the very first web game “Is it balloons or pigs?” featuring borp, the cute little pig, who loves to splash down in the mud!

Cindy and her team hope Tutors, Instructors, Parents and their Students find the borpio® web games enjoyable and effective.