Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started at borpio®?

Start by selecting a Tier at the subscription page. Once your subscription is activated you will receive an email confirmation with a link to a Demo video on how to set up your Student Roster and Launch Games. To view the Demo video now click here.


Do you have Demo videos for all your games?

Yes, click on the first image for any game shown located on the borpio® homepage.  This will direct you to that game’s web page where you will find a link to watch it’s Demo video.


How do I launch a game?

First, Students need to be added to your Student Roster. Once students are added to the Student Roster, the Choose Game tab will appear on the same line for the Student.

Then, to launch a game, go to the line for a student, select Choose Game, then click on the game you want.  Then, keeping your mouse within the same student’s line, move the mouse to GO! and click.

For a detailed Demo video on Setting Up your Student Roster and Launching games click here.


May a Student under the age of 18 purchase a subscription?

No.  Subscribers must be 18 years of age or older.

Our games are designed for adult Tutors to share one-on-one with their Students during tutoring sessions.


Do the multi-player games which use Game Keys work on tablets?

No. The multiplayer games, which use Game Keys, require a Desktop or Laptop computer with a mouse and keyboard.

However, the following web games do not require a Game Key and will also work on tablets:
Is it balloons or pigs?
Is it balloons or not?
Tic-Tac-Digraph (Coming soon!)


I need to upgrade my account to the next Tier. How do I accomplish this?

At this time, upgrading or downgrading a Tier cannot be done automatically. However, we can help you upgrade, or downgrade your existing Tier. Please click here to complete the support form for help.


How do I reactivate my account?

Simply log back in at borpio® with your userid and password.  Then click on Student Roster.  You will be directed to the page to reactivate your account.  If you do not remember your login information please click here to complete the support form for help.


Do you offer subscriptions to schools or centers?

Yes. We offer individual subscription discounts for Tutors working at verified schools and centers with 10+ tutors. Please click here to complete the contact form for help.


It seems like there are only a few games. Is this correct?

No. There are actually 17 web games in our first collection at borpio®. For convenience, we have grouped several games under one Category. For example, Sight Word Sweep™ actually consists of 8 individual games for Barton Levels 3 through 10.

Our web game Four-to-Score™ consists of three games. But we’ve designed the Four-to-Score™ web game so that Students may synthesize the Barton Spelling Rules across the three Barton Levels shown.

borp Sweep™ consists of three game levels.

There are more fun and effective web games to come.


What is the Icon Shop and how do I access and use it?

Students earn borpio® game coins as they play the web games with their Tutors. Then, the Student may collect icons by using their game coins in their very own Icon Shop.

The Icon Shop is located in the Four-to-Score™ and Tic-Tac-Digraph (Coming soon!) web games.  After launching these web games, but before pressing Start, a Student may click on their icon in the game to enter their Icon Shop.

Only Students may purchase icons, but they may share icons with their Tutors! To share an icon with a Tutor, click on the Tutor’s icon. Once inside the Icon Shop select a free or purchased icon for the Tutor. Click on the Back Button to return to the game.  Click here for a video DEMO.

I have an additional question.

Please click here to complete the contact form for help.