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This section contains our BORP Blog.  This Blog will be viewable by anyone visiting our website.  The Blog will share ideas, tricks, and tools to help enhance the Remote tutoring platform experience.  In addition, we’ll share information which may help keep students engaged during Remote tutoring sessions. 


So, here we go! 


BORP Blog! #1:  Slow and Steady Wins the Race 


In general, our students are in a hurry.  Our culture is in a hurry.  Helping students understand it’s okay, and in fact necessary, to slow themselves down while reading and spelling, is essential for helping them understand the importance of accuracy over speed.  I mean, what good is it to read a story quickly if many words are read incorrectly? 

That certainly will hinder the goal of what reading is all about: Understanding what we read. 


Over the years, one of the most useful tools shared with students comes from the classic story The Tortoise and the Hare.  Each student receives a little shell tortoise, along with a read aloud from this classic book. 


The main point?  Like the Tortoise, slow down, keep persevering while working on your new skills, and ultimately you will be successful in your efforts. 


So, when I see my students returning to the old, rushing habits of the Hare, I ask them, “Where is your turtle? Let’s slow down a little and see if it helps.”


If you would also like to share this idea with your students, you may find these affordably cute little shell turtles on Amazon.   


Currently they are $7.99 for 10 pieces. 

Here is the link:  https://www.amazon.com/Tortoise-Mascot-Spectacled-Turtle-Decorative


Many book versions of Tortoise and the Hare are available in most local libraries or online stores such as Amazon, Thriftbooks, Ebay, and others.  Our students love illustrations, which is helpful when I am choosing a version.  My favorite version is Hare and Tortoise by Alison Murray.  Her illustrations are genius at keeping my younger students engaged.      


Happy Tutoring! 




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