The name ‘borpio’ presented itself in a series of fun events.
First, ‘borp’ began as a simple abbreviation our brilliant and witty software engineer, Bob Herzberg, used when naming the file for our featured web game “Is it Balloons or Pigs?” influenced by the Barton Reading and Spelling program.
Apparently, engineers love acronyms, and also attempt to sound them out.  So Balloons or Pigs = BorP.  For the fellow Barton Tutors out there, borp is also a fun Vowel-R nonsense word.
Anyway, I immediately fell in love with the name and knew it would have a future in our startup.
At the same time, about a year ago, our son heard about .io’s becoming an extremely popular top domain.  We laughed when sounding out borp + io.  He advised trying to secure the domain.  After we ended our conversation, I immediately went online, purchased the domain name and was born.
Notice the b in our logo is not capitalized?  That’s on purpose.  The Balloons or Pigs web game helps students discriminate between tricky lowercase letters b and p, all while engaging the multisensory process and verbage created by Susan Barton for the Barton Reading and Spelling System.
By the way, borp also became the name for the little pig in the game (who LOVES to spash down in the mud!).
We hope you and your students enjoy our very first webgame, “Is it Balloons or Pigs?”