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Is it balloons or pigs? web game is inspired by the Barton Reading & Spelling System®.  In this game, Students use the Barton multisensory methods to distinguish between tricky letters b and p.

At the start of each game, the number of attempts is selected.  Once the game begins, tricky letters b and p will automatically appear in random order.  However, the Tutor may also press the keyboard letter b or p to make that letter appear next.

During the game, Tutors guide their students to use the correct hand signals and phonics for b and p.  When Students answer correctly for p, they hear twinkling sounds while watching borp the piglet splash down in the mud.  In addition, when Students press the correct answer for b, they hear the twinkling sounds while viewing colorful balloons floating up into the air.

Is it balloons or pigs? may be played Remotely or Onsite with a Student.  If playing Remotely, Tutors first share the Remote Control and Computer Sound with the Student on an internet platform such as Zoom.  For Onsite play, Tutor and Student may share a computer desktop, laptop or tablet.   

Is it balloons or pigs? is an effective web game that keeps the learning fun.