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Borp Sweep™, inspired by the Barton Reading & Spelling System®, allows your Student extra multi-sensory practice for tricky letters b, p, and d.

This game provides three variations.  Players may work on tricky letters b and p, b and d, or combine b, p and d.  Also, when a Tutor plays this game with a Student, they access a real-time Multi-Player platform, as if they were playing cards together on-site!

First, the Tutor launches the game and is given a 6-Digit Game Key. The Student, using their own computer, goes to www.borp.io (or the Tutor may provide the https://www.borp.io link in the Zoom Chat Room). Once at the borpio® homepage, the Student clicks on Join A Game and enters the Game Key provided by their Tutor.  Within seconds, the Student is securely connected to their Tutor’s game and the playing begins.

Borp Sweep provides an interactive, engaging and effective platform for practicing tricky letters b, p and d. Fun competition is also included.  If a broom ‘sweep’ card appears, the first player to hit their space bar wins the stack of cards. As soon as a player gathers 20 cards into their corner, they win the game.  The Student may also earn coins to spend on in-game features.

Borp Sweep™ is an effective web game that keeps the learning fun.