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Four-to-Score designed by Trisensory Software LLC for the borpio® website is engineered to help Students strengthen and synthesize Spelling Rules from the Barton Reading & Spelling System®. Our first collection includes Spelling Rules from Barton Levels 3, 4 and 5. There are more Barton Levels to come!

Four-to-Score™ is shared with your Student on a Remote platform, such as Zoom, using the Share Remote and Computer Sound features. It may also be played on-site by sharing the same computer desktop, laptop, or tablet and taking turns.

The editing feature enhances learning by giving Students extra practice using the effective Dot & Divide method while following their Barton Syllable Division Rules.

We have also enhanced this game by adding the Icon Shop. Prior to selecting Spelling Rules, if the Student has acquired at least 10 coins, they may click on the Icon Shop button and select a new icon for use in the game. Icons purchased will be stored for the Student.  A Student may also share icons with their Tutor!

In Four-to-Score™, the first player to get four of their icons in a row, in any direction, anywhere on the gameboard, wins the game. This is where strategic planning becomes another important element of the game. Watch out for the diagonal four in a row; that one can sneak up on you!

Four-to-Scoreis an effective web game that keeps the learning fun.