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Sight Word Sweep™ provides all Sight Words from the Barton Reading & Spelling System® for Levels 3 through 10.

It’s actually 8 web games in one!  Tutors may also select up to 3 Sets of Sight Words to practice within each Barton Level.

When Tutors play this game with Students, they access a real-time, Multi-Player gaming platform designed for two; just as if they were playing cards on-site!  When the Tutor launches the game, they are given a 6-Digit Game Key.  The Student, using their own computer, goes to www.borp.io and clicks on Join Game (or the Tutor may provide the https://www.borp.io link in the Zoom Chat Room). Once at the borpio® homepage, the Student clicks on Join A Game and enters the Game Key provided by their Tutor.  Within seconds, the Student is securely connected to their Tutor’s game and the playing begins.

Sight Word Sweep™ provides an interactive and engaging platform for practicing Barton Sight Words. Fun competition is a part of each game. When a broom ‘sweep’ card appears, the first player to hit their space bar wins the stack of cards in the middle and the cards are swept to their side.  The first player to gather 40 cards in their corner wins the game.  Goal setting is also attained with Students striving for a high score as well as earning coins to enhance future game play.

Sight Word Sweep™ is an effective web game that keeps the learning fun.