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Wall of Sounds™ is designed to help strengthen a Student’s Phoneme Awareness; the ability to realize separate sounds within a word.  Influenced by the Barton Reading Spelling System®, this introductory level provides an interactive and engaging platform for helping Students identify the first sound in a picture, strengthening their Phoneme Awareness while also working on vocabulary.

The goal is to be the first player to build a Brick Wall made with special bricks displaying pictures. Fun competition is included as Tutor and Student each attempt to be the first to hit their space bar when a special Brick card appears!

The Wall of Sounds™ flexible menu also allows the Tutor to select individual(s), group(s), or the set of Phonemes for their Student to practice.

Wall of Sounds™ is a real-time Multi-Player gaming platform designed for two players.  After a Tutor launches the game, they are given a 6-Digit Game Key.  They give this Game Key to the Student.  The Student goes to www.borp.io (or the Tutor may provide the https://www.borp.io link in the Zoom Chat Room). Once at the borpio® homepage, the Student clicks on Join A Game and enters the Game Key provided by their Tutor.  Within seconds, the Student is securely connected to their Tutor’s game and the playing begins.

Wall of Sounds™ is an effective web game that keeps the learning fun.